Our Innovative Story

The Chameleon Global is an international Tourism Technology company with its headquarters in the USA and a growing presence in Canada, Brazil, France, Italy, and Australia. We are Tourism Technology Leaders in innovation and creativity and connect travel professionals to their desired products and markets at a very low cost but with a high rate of performance.

Our innovative technology and platform allow for seamless distribution and access across the globe of products and services for all segments of the travel industry. Our technology and distribution methodology via our platform system is based on decades of international tourism experience. Our platform allows our partners to control their destiny, access products at no or very low cost with their own contracts integrated directly or alternatively uploaded through our extranet. Chameleon even provides its partners the chance to expand their business by distributing some of their own products and services to other Chameleon clients worldwide.

Chameleon Global team consists of unique and talented individuals from the USA, Europe (France and Italy), Brazil, Australia, and beyond. We understand your needs because we are international - have contacts and partnerships in more than 40 countries, have decades of experience, and we know how to help achieve great results together.

If you are searching for technology that works for your needs, whether you want to access products or distribute products, and is made by and for travel professionals, contact us today.